We have 20 years of experience

Our teams are made of  highly skilled digital nomads that outperform standard workforce 

Our company has been established to provide exceptional services delivered by a global pool of top information technology talent and service providers. The mission of the organization is to deliver the best in class service across the board while being socially and ecologically responsible.

To provide our services we utilize modern technologies and rightsource resources from the US, UK and worldwide. We strongly believe that the best services are delivered by dedicated, happy and content teams. We encourage our people to work remotely by building virtual teams from the top 5% of resources in their respective fields, tailored by their interest and skill level to project and customer requirements, and being present on site minimally. By giving people the freedom to work in our virtual teams at the time that most suits them, we enable high productivity and get the best results. The best teams in sports have the best players and this also holds true in business. We have designed our internal processes so that we always monitor and improve our performance and outperform everyone else – ourselves included!

Responsibility towards the local communities and our planet is an integral part of our strategy. By allowing people to stay in their preferred location while working on projects worldwide we not only enrich these economically, but also save the environment by preventing unnecessary travel. The responsibility goes even further for us as we identify, engage and grow the talent pool in remote and disadvantaged communities so they benefit from our projects. As we are utilizing our virtual office solutions, the day to day management is performed using online collaboration tools. This allow our customers to have access to any and all of our resources at any given time. This usually bring savings to our customers as well as benefits to local communities where our team members are based.

The biggest value for our customers comes from the way we deliver our services – the access to local talents and creativity from a multitude of locations. Our services are delivered with minimal carbon footprint as we don't have to travel or commute unnecessarily. The benefits from using the remote work extend to financial aspects – as we don’t have to calculate and include the travel expenses, we can pass these savings on to you.

As we are always able to offer new talent we would love an opportunity to collaborate with our customers and create long lasting partnerships or joint development programs where we can cooperate on development and IT services.


Enabling our teams to work remotely while providing top range services we are bringing change to established societies. Our people are from all over the world and having good job allows them to contribute to their own social structures and helps prevent the economical migration, as well as bring the money to local economies.