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EIC chose Octoteq for detailed evaluation

Good news came from the European Innovation Council. The team of four independent evaluators selected the Octoteq project, with its, now patented offshore platforms, as a potential investment candidate under the EIC Open Accelerator. The project presented its unique solution to power generation from renewable sources, based on the combination of all three power generating systems...

Small steps lead to the success

The team around the Octoteq is celebrating first success with the project. The team and the project of the offshore platforms integrating all three renewable source has made its way to the European top 12 projects selected by the DFC and Chinese government. The project was selected from several hundreds of European projects for semi...


Improving the SME sector

We have started together with partners from Europe the project to improve the SMEs exposure to the new technologies by forming the virtual incubator under the COSME program of the European Union. Building the strategic alliance between the universities and the SME’s is the core of the formation of our incubator. Main intent is to...

Octoteq platform

Is it an octopus?

We are really happy to announce that we have created our own spin off called Octoteq who will be fully responsible for the new development of the offshore platforms. New company is established in CZ and is fully owned by the founders (for now) with the capital of 120.000 EUR. The mission of the company...

Ocean power parks

Ocean Power Parks

BSG Europe was engaged to work on latest and greatest project in renewable energy sector. We will work as management company for Ocean Power Parks in Trondheim, Norway to ensure development, design and production of the prototype of new power generation platform. The platform will integrate solar, wind and wave generation capabilities with hydrogen generation...


Bridging the gaps

Following a request from West Bohemian University, we have organised the consortium to answer Horizon 2020 call DT-ICT-09-2020 on behalf of WBU as coordinator. The project is aimed to Bridge the gap between rural and urban economies by using digital technologies

Helping with COVID-19 situation

As part of the consortium, we have submitted project DETACLE to European Commission under the Horizon 2020 call number ICT-47-2020. The project is aimed to create a robotic solution to detection and cleaning of potentially contagious surfaces.


EPICS project

Today we have submitted call proposal to EC under the Horizon 2020 call number MG-3-7-2020 an Innovative Action aimed at Improving the processes in European Shipyards and increasing their competitiveness.

Acquisition of IIT Group Ltd.

We have Successfully acquired the IIT Group Ltd. in UK. This acquisition marks our rebirth and restart of the company activities in the Consulting services area.